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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Runescape Membership Generator Hack

How to use?
- Open hack
- Type username, password and your level, select duration for your membership and press "Ok"
- Log into game
Note: I don't wanna hear comments like: "that's a keylogger", "fake, will steal your account!", the hack need acces to your account just because to change your membership status and cannot without your login details!
The hack is 100% for you and for your account!
Game Review:
RuneScape is a 3D fantasy MMORPG that boasts millions of players worldwide. With traditional fantasy elements, open-ended gameplay and a player driven economy, RuneScape is one of the most detailed browser based games currently available. Rather than levels and classes, players in RuneScape train various skills as they progress through the game.

RuneScape has become a worldwide sensation since its 2004 release (the original beta release was in 2001) and continues to grow today. The game looks and plays much like traditional Western style RPGs that were popular in the 1990s but plays entirely on your browser. Rather than choosing a class and leveling up, all players can progress as they chose by using the game’s 24 skills. Each skill starts at rank 1 and has a maximum rank of 99. There are no caps but many of the skills are restricted to subscribers ($5/month.) RuneScape runs on Java so new users may need to install an update for it before playing but other than that, there are no barriers to entry. This ease of access coupled with the large and varied game world of Gielinor have helped make RuneScape the most successful browser based MMORPG of all time. Along with many important skills, many other features are only available to paying members which somewhat diminish RuneScape’s free to play credentials.

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