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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Mystical Land [Hack]

This 3D game takes a step in a different direction than the previous games on the list and offers slight tweaks on traditional MMO gameplay. Each action, for example, may have an associated skill which can be used to level up your character. For example, mundane tasks like cooking or harvesting plants can produce experience. Currently the game is in open beta, and requires a download before playing. Like a few other games on the list, A Mystical Land promotes daily play by offering login incentives. For each day you log in, you get a different prize, which escalates in value depending on how many consecutive days you’ve logged in; quite a nice tactic. However, A Mystical Land limits constant play with their energy system. Whenever you do things in the game, it takes energy. Energy replenishes over time, when you level up, or if you buy certain items. It’s a nice system to keep it from being a time sink for kids.
How to use?
 - Log into game
- Open hack
- Activate/Add fetures/goods and press "Add to my account"
- Re-log in-game

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