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Friday, November 23, 2012

Empires and Allies [Hack]

- Coins adder
- Empire Points adder
- Infinite energy

How to use?
- Log into game
- Open hack
- Add goods and/or activate unlimited energy and press "Start!"
- Refresh game(F5)
Game Review:
First thing first: as soon as this game loads, you just get a huge Zynga feeling. This game follows Zynga’s formula so well, and that is a great thing, because so far, Zynga has developed the best city-building title on Facebook. Empires & Allies starts out slowly, but quickly gains momentum and soon you’ll be lost in all of the things that you need to accomplish. In this sense, energy is very sparse, you never really have enough to complete what you need to.

In Empires & Allies, there are different types of buildings you can build. The first one you get introduced to are military buildings. You are asked to complete building a barracks in order to start producing military units to defend your island with. Afterwards, you can choose to build a shipyard or a hanger to start building your Navy and Air Forces. Then, there are community buildings, and you’re required to build a Parliament. Community buildings increase your maximum population. To increase your current population, you have to build housing units and you can continue building those until you reach your maximum population and then you’ll have to build more community buildings. CityVille players should be accustomed to this by now. Then there are industry buildings, which include farms, lumber mills, and oil wells that produce resources that you will need for your military.

Of course, with the city-building aspect, you can decorate your military base with decorations and build roads. When you produce new units for your military, these can be placed around your city. As long as they are close to the buildings in your base, those buildings will be protected against attacks by enemy empires. Other things add more strategy, such as the world embassy, which protects your entire city for 18 hours. Once this time runs out, you’ll have to come back to renew it for another 18 hours, or for each friend you hire, the duration will be increased by 18 hours.

However, if players want city-building, play CityVille, because Empires & Allies is all about the war campaign. Occasionally, empires will attack your nation and you will have to fight them off, unless you have the above-named protections.  The game also has a storyline and you are tasked with defeating enemy generals of your main enemy. The battles are carried out in a traditional turn-based RPG style. You select which of your units will be fighting the units of the enemy. Each unit has a health bar above its head. You select one of your units, attack one enemy unit, and then it becomes the enemy’s turn to attack. You continue doing this back and forth until one side wins. It’s a very traditional system and it works really well.

Overall, Empires & Allies is a really great social game and one of Zynga’s best. If this game is a sign of things to come on Facebook, the future of social gaming looks really good. I would give this game an A.

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