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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

KhanWars Hack

- Anti Flood
- Anti Detector
- Generator Panel
- In Game Connector (bypass)
- Gold Generator/Adder
- Iron Generator/Adder
- Wood Generator/Adder
- Food Generator/Adder
- Credits Generator/Adder

How to use?
 - Open hack
-Select version when you play, type your nickname, add desired goods and press "START"
- Log into game
Game Review:
Khan Wars is a text based strategy game that is played by thousands of users on a web browser. Players must chose between 9 nations including  Franks, Goths, Arabs, Russians, and others each with their advantages. Start with a single empty village, construct mines, gather resources, train armies, and conquer territory to claim victory in this medieval strategy game.

Khan Wars is a browser based strategy game which consists mainly of text and images. Like many games of this genre, Khan Wars has a medieval theme where player chose among various various nations each with their own bonuses. Unlike other strategy games, Khan Wars allows the construction of up to three buildings at a time which makes it much easier to progress through the game. The reason for this is that all of the servers (or worlds) in Khan Wars have a finite time limit and reset after a certain number of days. Players must use the time available to build up their city, muster their troops and fight their way to top top through alliances and stratagem.
Nations: - Bulgarians, Franks, Germans, Goths, Byzantine, Britain, Arabs, Lithuanians, Russians.

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