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Friday, November 30, 2012

PlanetSide 2 Beta Key Generator

How to use?
- Open the key generator
- Press "Generate"
Note: If when you press "Generate" give you a error just simple press "Update" to update the generator to latest version and that's all.
- Copy revealed code into game installer
- Finish installation
Game Review:

My first life was unfortunately a short one being killed within 5 seconds of deployment and my second life wasn’t much longer. For some reason SOE thought the best way to teach players how the game works was to put them directly into a active combat zone. After a few more respawns and a few more deaths I got the basics of what was going on and managed to get to a safe area where I could finally figure out what the hell I was doing.

The controls are very similar to any other FPS you might have played, but the UI is very overwhelming with lots of icons all over the screen. I couldn’t tell if the icons were pointing out allies or enemies so I had a few incidences of friendly-fire in the beginning, but soon figured things out.

After about an hour of examining the classes, item shop, upgrades, the map and everything else, I got a pretty good feel for the game and was on my way.

For those wondering why I skipped character creation it’s because there is none. You’re character is covered in armor, which can be customized in-game via the item shop and unlocks, so there’s really no reason to have a character creation.

Planetside 2 is pretty much exactly what you would think it is. Take any FPS game, increase the map size 100 time, add a few thousands players and make it persistent and that pretty much sums up the game. Outposts and command centers are scattered around the map allowing factions to control them and gain resources from them, although this system seems to be flawed.

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