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Monday, November 19, 2012

Slender Daytime Mode [Hack]

How to use?
- Run the game once, afterwards, run the “Slender v0.9.4 Day-Time Mode Unlocker” and click on yes.
- Launch the game, go to options and click on “Daytime” button (You have to repeat this step when you restart the game or when you lose).
Game Review:
 Slender is one of those rare games that go under most people’s radar, and this is a huge problem. Slender gives more scares than most other games in the same genre for less than what you would pay for its competition.
The Slender Man gets closer and closer the more pages you collect, eventually getting close enough to turn you around and end the game. Even if you are caught or if you stare at the Slender Man for too long your screen will become distorted by static and a loud screeching noise will play, signaling the end of the game and presumably your death to come.
The only real downside to the game is there is no way to win. Even if you collect all eight pages the Slender Man will still catch you. However once you do collect the pages the player will unlock a daytime mode, which has the same objective but without the creeping darkness and a flashlight as your best friend. However anyone wanting to experience daytime mode in Slender Man should hurry, as it has been deemed a bad game mechanic by the developers and community, and is being planned to be removed from the game in an upcoming patch.
The game looks great for being a free download; the world is detailed quite well giving the sense of being in a real forest. The landmarks are easily distinguishable from the rest of the environment and are still good looking from farther away. However if you want to get picky and in-depth, you will notice that the game is heavily pixilated.

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