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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Need for Speed - Most Wanted (2012) Trainer

 Trainer features:
Numpad 1: Add Reset Speed Points
Numpad 2: Super Acceleration
Numpad 3: Super Brakes
Numpad 4: Nitro Regen
Numpad 5: Pursuit Escape
Numpad 6: No Crash
Review game:
A free-to-play online version of the infamous Need for Speed PC series. The racing game takes you to the streets of a wild city, where rules are broken and speed limits ignored...

Knock your competitors off the road in this exciting racing game! Your mission in Need for Speed World is to race against other players and beat them to the finish line.

Need for Speed World is a client-based game, meaning you need to download a game client onto your PC in order to access the game. Games with higher quality graphics and content usually require a game client, as they cannot run on external servers alone.

You start the game with $25,000 to invest in your very first racing car – the car in itself costs $20,000 and it is up to you to decide just how the remaining cash will be invested in the car. With every race won in the online racing game you will earn cash, which can be used in a number of ways – purchase new cars and expand your collection, or use the money to modify and improve your current fleet. Modified cars will display better performance, improving your chance of in-game victory.

As you succeed in the online game Need for Speed World you are able to rise through a number of different levels, where races increase in difficulty, with more challenges and tougher competitors. In addition to accruing cars in Need for Speed Online, you are also able to employ a number of different drivers, each with their own skills and strengths. This way you can tactically choose the right driver for the right race. Head to the streets, break the rules, and speed your way over the finish line in the client-based racing game Need for Speed World.


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