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Sunday, November 11, 2012

OGame [Automizer]

1. Download OGA-Loader (Links are the bottom of the Thread)

2. Unrar the "oga.loader.x.x-eng.incl.fastloader.rar"

3. Open "OGA-Loader.exe"

4. Click on the "Settings-Tab" -> "Install Loopback-Adapter" an choose your Operating System.

5. if the Loopback Adapter is installed correctly, it appears in the list below.

In case of Problems, please install the Loopback-Adapter manually or use the .Bat-files in the OGA-Loader dir (Run the .Bat as Administrator!)
HowTo: How to install a Loopback Adapter in Windows 7 | Windows Reference

6. When it's done, click on the "Open Network-Connection"-Button an choose the Loopback-Adapter.
Right->Mouse-Click on the Loopback-Adapter and click Properties. choose "Internet Protcol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" and click on Properties.
Enter the following values:


7. Restart your Computer.

8. start "OGA-fastloader.exe". the Server and the Bot will start automatically.

9. If OGameautomizer is the first time started, it is important to enter a Serial! Click on the "Will expire in 01:59.."-Button, click on "yes"
at the "Do you have a Serial Number?"-Messagebox. Enter a 12-Digit number and click ok.
You can also create a key with the OGA-Loader.exe (OGA-Loader.exe > Settings-Tab -> Random-key Generator)



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