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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Crossfire [Multihack]

See Ghost
See Ghost ZM
No Recoil
No Spread
No Reload
No Change
No Sniper Delay
Walk Throught Walls
No World
Teleport (Save and Load Position)
No Fall Damage
No Zone Damage
No Bug Damage
No knockback
Player WireFrame
White Player
Max Weapon Range
Long Knife
No Flashbang
Knife 360
No Weapon Weight
Repeat Fire for Pistols
Repeat Fire for Sniper
Repeat Fire for MG
No Smoke

Numpad 1 = "WallHack"
Numpad 2 = "SeeGhost","SeeGhost ZM"
Numpad 3 = "No Reload","No Change","No Sniper Delay"
Numpad 4 = "No Recoil","No Spread"
Numpad 5 = "Player WireFrame"
Numpad 6 = "White Player"
Numpad 7 = "No Weapon Weight"
F8 = "Save Player Position"
F9 = "Teleport to Saved Player Position"(Don't use so often or you get client error)
Right Shift = "Walk Throught Walls"(Use only one time or you get Client Error)
Left Alt = "No World"


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