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Sunday, November 11, 2012

S4 League [Multihack]

-Infinite SP: Way too obvious...
-SP Refill: Your sp refills as soon as you stop runnung, dodge ..etc
-200HP: Way too obvious...
-No Laser: You can go trhought red lasers, also you don't die if you fall
-God Mode: You never die
-Instant Respawn: No waiting time after you die
-Walljump x4: Super high wall jumps
-Ghost Mode: You can go trhought walls
-Anchor Range: Anchor range increased
-Anchor Speed: The speed it takes to use is faster
-Dodge Speed: Faster dodges
-Dodge Range: Loger dodges
-No Gravity: You can levitate all over the room
-Sentry Range: Nells & Guns have infinite range
-1hit kill: You kill everything in 1 hit.
-Wallshoot: You can shoot trought walls
-Hit Range: You hit targets from anywhere you are
-Block delay: The time blocks take to be created is reduced
-Block HP: Infinite blocks hp
-Block Inf: You can create infinite blocks
-Speed Hack 1: Boosted movement speed
-Speed Hack 2: Bossted movement speed [Faster than 1]
-Inf Ammo: Unlimited munition
-Damagex2: Increased damage x2
-Damagex4: Increased damage x4
-No Damage: You don't hurt enemy when you attack
-Enemy recover HP: Your bullets heal enemy instead of hurting
-Multi Hit: Lot of shots in 1 hit.

How to use it?
1.Start any working Bypass (It's up to you which one you wanna use)
2.Start Olympus Ingame Trainer as Admin
3.Open S4League, choose what you want and have fun.


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